Capture the Flag, Software Analysis, and SMD ROM Hacking

SEGA Genesis ROM Crackme

15 Apr 2019 » romhacking

This blog post is going to be short. I wrote a SEGA Genesis ROM “crackme”/CTF challenge. It’s medium in terms of difficulty and is Kriss Kross-themed (Yes, the 90’s rap duo). It can be found here. To run the ROM, download a SEGA Genesis/Megadrive emulator (I prefer Gens Kmod), and clone the git repository. Load jump.bin into the emulator and have fun. I plan on posting the source code in a month or two. I’d appreciate it if those who solve the problem early keep their solutions private until the source code is published. Feel free to DM me the flag via email or twitter once you’ve solved it for a shout out. I’ll keep track of the first few solves. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. If it freezes on you, that is expected behavior. It means you screwed up and are stuck in an exception trap loop. Good luck!

♪♫♬ I come stompin’ with somethin’ pumpin’ to keep youExplain jumpin’ ♪♫♬ …I’ll see myself out

"SEGA ROM CTF Problem"